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About us

Dezen Dezen was born in 2014 with the mission to revive the old family-run business which for 80 years supplied the former Yugoslavian states and the Soviet Bloc with its famous hand-printed traditional squares.

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In our Trieste workshop we bring together Croatian tradition and Italian quality, experimenting on the union between inheritance and innovation. We have preserved and still use the family's original silk screens, some of them dating back a hundred years, to print the traditional dezen-patterns on garments and accessories designed for the up-to-date urban fashionista.


Following the traditional screen-printing methods and using the finest Italian inks, we hand-print with utmost care to detail on responsibly-sourced high-quality European textiles from natural fibers. We love our planet so we have installed a water-recycling system in our workshop to ensure maximum sustainability in our production and still work with our historical suppliers that share the same vision and values of small, family productions and elevated environment-friendly standards.


What was just a hobby we took up after losing our jobs, made us travel to designer markets all over Europe and finally led us to open our own workshop, where we cultivate our passion: creating high-quality everyday garments, which are one-of-a-kind and made with love through a sustainable and limited production.

If you want to learn more about us and our products take a look on our Journal or drop us a line.

Get to know us



Born in Zagreb and now living in Trieste, one could say I am an Italian-Croatian mix. After graduating, I worked for different NGOs, the radio, TV and for a while in the insurance sector. However, I decided to leave all that behind and pick up my family's tradition of silk- printing and reinvent it. My friends call me Cocolo because I'm silly and I have the consistency of a donut! 

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I come from the deep North-eastern part of Italy, known as Friuli. I love spending my day outdoors, between the Alps and the seaside. I studied Arts and I worked for few years as a graphic designer. Now I am the communication manager of Dezen Dezen and I have fun printing unique designs with Marco.

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