Welcome to our workshop!


Ever wondered where all the Dezen Dezen magic happens?

A year has passed since we arrived in our Trieste workshop, after our Zagreb-based one was seriously damaged in a fire almost 10 years ago. Instead of reconstructing it, we decided to start afresh. That's how we found our current place in Trieste's picturesque historical center.


We are in love with our neighborhood, a few paces away from the green Piazza Hortis, full of small shops, great cafes and art galleries. Trieste's Modern Art Museum, Museo Revoltella, is just around the corner. Via Torino with its cocktail bars, hip restaurants and vibrant nightlife is less than a minute away. Via Cavana, uniting Piazza Hortis with Piazza Unita', is perfect for a daily stroll before we start working or for a quick coffee during our break. 


Our workshop had many lives before we came to occupy it with our Dezens. Transforming it into our dream headquarters, we divided the space into three distinct areas.


Our showroom is the perfect place to touch and feel our creations and try them on even before they hit our online store. You might find some limited edition treasures if you come by, as some of our pieces are sold-out even before they get featured on our site.


Of course, we will be there to help you style and get creative with your Dezen or find the perfect present for your loved-ones. 


Entering our store you will find Michele sitting at one of the desks, editing photos or updating our social media. This is where we brainstorm, lay out samples, receive orders and shipments, write down ideas and just about everything else. It is usually in a state which we like to call ''creative chaos'' aka ''total mess''

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If you peer through the glass window behind our desks you can see our workshop. This is where all the silk-printing magic happens. Here we store our hundred year-old screens, inks and other materials. Marco loves spending time in there experimenting with prints and designs or preparing our next collection.


We are very proud of our workshop's eco-sustainability. We have installed a water-recycling system which allows us to use only 100 liters of fresh water per year for our whole production. That is equal to a 20-minute shower!

Sustainability and fashion can go hand to hand if one makes a little effort.


If you would like to come by and visit us, please do not hesitate. We love showing off our products, hearing your feedback and opinion or just having a chat!

As we currently cannot guarantee fixed opening times you can contact us through email or facebook to make sure we will be there :)


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