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Here you will find a series of documents and material that will help you learn more about our brand and tell our story in the best way possible.

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Who we are

Dezen Dezen was born in 2014 with the mission to revive the old family-run business which supplied the former Yugoslavian states with its famous hand-printed traditional square scarves since 1938. We have preserved and use the family's original silkscreens to print on garments and accessories. We exclusively use environmental-friendly Italian inks and noble fibers to realize a limited production of numbered pieces.

Marco Cernogoraz

Born in Zagreb in 1983, he grew up surrounded by the scarves produced in his family’s bussiness. He worked for different NGOs, the radio and TV and in the insurance sector. Finally, he decided to revive the tradition of silkprinting his family’s bussiness.

Michele Grimaz

Born in Udine, Italy in 1988, he studied in the Arts Institute and worked as a photographer and graphic designer for many years. In 2014 he joined Marco in the development of Dezen Dezen.

What does the name Dezen Dezen mean?

Dezen comes from the French word "dessin" meaning "pattern" and was commonly used during the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in the Western Balkans. The term survived through the ages and from 1938, Marco's family-run business in Zagreb, used the term Dezen to identify different prints. In our brand-name we chose to repeat the word twice, Dezen Dezen, to recall the repetition and geometry of the patterns on the traditional foulard.

How was
Dezen Dezen

Since 1938, Marco’s family had been producing and printing the square scarves women traditionally wore on their heads in ex-Yugoslavia.

In their Zagreb workshop, they produced hundreds of patterns (dezen) and slowly took over the East European market up to the ex-Soviet Union.

In the early 90s, due to the conflict that stroke ex-Yugoslavia, the family business lost a big part of its market and hundreds of its silk-printing screens fall into disuse.

Fast-forwarding to 2014, both Marco and Michele are unemployed and living on benefits. They decide to use that time to realize their dream: revive the family's forgotten traditional patterns.

During the summer, they explore the old fire-stricken family workshop in Zagreb and manage to recuperate and restore the original silk-printing screens. They even manage to print their first-ever collection.

With this first collection, they travel in design markets around Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia, where people’s support encourages them to continue. In the years to follow, they manage to set an ethical and sustainable production line, completely made-in-Europe. (for more info click here)

In 2017 they open their boutique-workshop in Trieste's old town, a city that they both love and call home. Functioning both as a small showroom and workshop this is where all the Dezen Dezen garments are hand-printed with care.

Dezen Dezen Is

Made in Italy | Hand-printed | Family-run since 1938 | Slow fashion | Etichal and Sustainable | Transparent | Limited productions | High-quality quality fabrics | Natural fibers | Certified inks | 100% European



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