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 Hi there :)

If you are on this page you probably want to know more about what makes our products sustainable and ethical.

We do our best to ensure our methods of production are environmentally friendly and the people involved are treated fairly, supporting and respecting their communities.

We acknowledge that the fashion industry is one of the most unsustainable ones and that there is a lot of greenwashing going on, so we want to be as transparent as possible with our methods of production.

Slow Fashion
Great Care 

We are artisans,
not stylists hunting
for the latest trends.

Our apparel is made-to-last and we don’t follow the fashion calendar or the rules of fast-fashion. We don’t produce seasonal collections, that are destined to be thrown away, but we create pieces that you can wear throughout the year and for many years to come.

We source both our inks and textiles from Europe and we put them through hard tests, to ensure both wearability and durability.


He hand-print with care on our apparel using old serigraphic screens used in ex-Yugoslavia from 1938 and we only produce small series each time, that’s why some of our products are often sold-out.

Ethical and Fair

We personally handpick our suppliers and we collaborate only with small companies where the workers are happy and respected.


Our production is realized between Italy and Croatia, allowing us to visit our suppliers as often as needed following each production step closely. It is also a great chance to have a chat with them, exchange ideas and learn from their experience.  

Who makes our clothes?


We do! Well, partly... In our Trieste workshop, we (Marco and Michele) spend our time conceiving our products and hand-printing our Dezens. In these last years, we are proud to be collaborating with three wonderful companies to cut and sew our garments.


1) Neda Senj

Found in Senj, Croatia this historical building facing the sea, tells an incredible tale. At first it was a tobacco factory, but during WW2 many male workers died in the front. Taking matters in their own hands, the women brought their sewing machines from home and transformed the building into a textile company, managing this way to work and sustain their families. The company survived the conflict that hit ex-Yugoslavia in the 90s and still today employs more than 60 workers, mostly local women.

2) Odjeća

Surrounded by the hills and forests of the Zagorje region, Odjeća is found close to Zagreb, Croatia. This is where we sew our winter clothing, like our jumpers and cloaks, before hand-printing on them in our Trieste workshop. This small company survived the textile sector crisis by specializing in police uniforms and work clothing but has also embraced our project, sharing the experience and professionality of the 30 women working in this harmonious collective.

3) Kamensko

Based in Zagreb this association is formed by professionals boasting years of experience in the sector, but who found themselves jobless after the biggest factory in town closed its doors. Too young to go on pension and too old to learn a new craft, they were not discouraged. With the help of the city, they created an association where they can keep on working and share their experience. That’s why we chose them for the creation of our new T-shirts.

Dezen Dezen


Finally, we design and hand-print our garments in our Trieste workshop, which might be small and chaotic at times, but it's exactly what we need. At the moment, it's just us two, Marco and Michele, working here, but we hope to add more people to our team in the future. If you are around town, do pass by to say hello :)

and Eco-conscious

We blend ourselves water-based inks used to print on our garments using eco-compatible bases that are Oeko tex 100 or GOTS certified.


We have installed a water recycling system in our workshop, of which we are very proud. It allows us to use only 100 liters of water a year for our whole production, cleaning our serigraphic screens and inks. This is less water than you spend for a hot bath!

We are trying our best to have a plastic-free approach and we only use packaging made from recycled materials that can be then recycled or reused.


 To be honest, we are not perfect, but we do try our best! We know that being 100% sustainable is extremely hard for a small company like ours, but this is our dream and we are working towards it by reducing our waste and making every person involved in the production proud and happy.

If you still have questions or you would like to learn more about our fabulous products, send us an email!