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Our history

Our brand, born in 2014, continues the tradition of the family-run business, specialised in the production of foulard. For 70 years, it had supplied the States of the former Yugoslavia and of the Soviet Bloc.

We print on clothes and on accessories, to relive the inherited tradition, experimenting the union between the old and the new. We use original silk-screens used in the past to decorate the foulards. Some of them are almost a hundred of year old.

Every item (of clothing) is an unique and artisan product, hand-printed and made of quality materials and of natural fibres.

Why the name
Dezen Dezen?

Dezen derives from the french word “dessin”, which became part of the common language in the period of the expansion of the Ottoman empire in the Western Balkans.

But what does it mean?
Dezen means pattern.

From 1938, first in the family-run laboratory in Zagreb, and today in our artisan laboratory in Trieste, we use the term Dezen to identify different prints.

We have decided to call us like this because we want to maintain the tradition of printing the inherited Dezen on new and unique products.

Who we are



They call me Cocol because I am silly and because I have the consistence of a donut! I am a Italian-Croatian mix, I was born in Zagreb and now I am living in Trieste. Graduated, I have worked for NGOs, radio, TV and in the insurance sector, but I prefer to continue the family tradition of serigraphy.

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My name is Michele, I was born in the deep North-eastern of Italy. I love spending my days outdoors, between the Alps and the seaside. I studied at Arts School and I worked for few years as graphic designer. Now I deal with communications and I print unique t-shirts with Marco.

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