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Our history

Born in 2014, Dezen Dezen, revives the old family-run business, which for 70 years supplied the former Yugoslavian states and the Soviet Bloc with its traditional foulard. 

We have preserved the original silk screens, some of them dating back a hundred years, to print on our clothes and accessories. We experiment on the union between the old and the new, inheritance and innovation, by respecting tradition while appealing to the contemporary wearer. 

Every Piece in our collection is unique. Our designs are hand- printed using the traditional screen-printing technique. We also Use High-quality materials and natural fibers that respect the environment.

Why Dezen Dezen?

Dezen derives from the French word “dessin”, which was commonly used during the expansion of the Ottoman empire in the Western Balkans.  Still wondering what it means?

Dezen means pattern.

From 1938, in the family-run business in Zagreb, the term Dezen was used to identify different prints. Today in our artisan workshop in Trieste, we print the same traditional Dezen on our clothes and accessories creating a link between past and present. 

Who we are



Born in Zagreb and now living in Trieste, one could say I am an Italian-Croatian mix. After graduating, I worked for different NGOs, the radio, TV and for a while in the insurance sector. However, I decided to leave all that behind and pick up my family's tradition of silk- printing and reinvent it. My friends call me Cocolo because I'm silly and I have the consistency of a donut! 

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I come from the deep North-eastern part of Italy, known as Friuli. I love spending my day outdoors, between the Alps and the seaside. I studied Arts and I worked for few years as a graphic designer. Now I am the communication manager of Dezen Dezen and I have fun printing unique designs with Marco.

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